How to Potty Train a Puppy

Potty training can be very frustrating and harder for some dogs than others but its all about the consistency. Some things that I have learned while potty training my dog:

- Keep your dog crated when you are not around or when you cannot supervise them. If you don't want to crate them, tie his/her leash to you while you are at home. This will prevent any accidents around the house. 

- Never rub their nose in a potty accident. This is traumatizing and your dog will not know why you are doing it. 

- When you catch you dog having an accident, interrupt with an "Ahl" and immediately take your dog outside. 

- Watch your dog's eating and drinking patterns. your dog will need to go outside not too long after drinking or eating. 

- Most importantly always praise and give your doggie some treats whenever they go potty outside. 


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